Whispers from Thassilon

Battle at the White Deer

Toilday, 1 Rova 4707

The lesser goblins had only a moment to react before the heroes were upon them. Nakata swelled with bravado as she charged ahead of her allies toward the goblin commando, who still stood distracted by his victory over the nobleman’s dog. Swinging her axe not at the goblin, but at his mount, she and Goma wisely disabled one of his biggest advantages early in the battle.

Meanwhile, two of the lesser goblins surged forward only to meet certain doom at the hands of Sha’nes with ranged support from Blaise and Portia. The third cleverly hung back, choosing to aid his captain in battle against Nakata. Though he soon fell to a stray arrow as well, he left enough of an opening for the commando to slash both Nakata and Goma with the jagged blade of his horsechopper, leaving Nakata on her last leg.

Tandava rushed from the back ranks to his daughter’s aid, however, and while the rest of the party’s weapons came to bear on the goblin commando, his anger manifested as dark energy surging from some nether realm and into his palm. Thrusting the energy at the goblin, lesions opened up across the small warrior’s body, from which blood weeped onto the street. It was not long after that the pitiable creature fell, horsechopper clattering against the cobblestones.

The nobleman soon regained his composure, ignoring the gruesome scene just long enough to introduce himself as Aldern Foxglove, a noble from Magnimar in town to visit his ancestral manor, and invite the party (with special attention paid to Sha’nes) on a boar hunting outing on the coming Starday. His offer met only ambivalent remarks at the time, so he told them to think it over and get back to him.

It was not long after Foxglove departed that Garridan Viskalai emerged from the White Deer Inn, and, seeing the savage warriors the party had overcome, immediately offered to put them up for a week and free meals for life, an offer all found agreeable, though only Sha’nes was in need of lodging.

Word spread quickly through Sandpoint of the heroes’ exploits. Even as they marched somberly to their respective residences, commoners blessed them and approached to shake their hands, and many more simply gave them appreciative looks of acknowledgement. Only a couple townsfolk died in the attack, and those injured were expected to make a full recovery, so all was once again well.

But what of the reasons behind the attack? Much was still unclear.




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