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Primer on Varisia

Formerly controlled by the Chelaxian Empire, the wild frontier of Varisia (pronounced vah-RHIS-ee-ah) is composed of rural communities, independent city-states, cyclopean ruins, and uncharted wilderness.


Varisia is a vast frontier region in the northwest of Avistan. It stretches from the Steaming Sea in the west to the Mindspin Mountains in the east and from the Kodar Mountains to Conqueror’s Bay in the south. The region possesses a variety of environments within its limits, from the swampy Mushfens of the south to the flame-scorched Cinderlands on the northern Storval Plateau.

Varisia is dominated by its three major independent city-states: Korvosa in the east, Magnimar in the west, and Riddleport in the north.

Your adventure…

...begins just north of Magnimar, in the small town of Sandpoint.

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